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My clan

- history -
Origins of the Gangrel
The Gangrel enjoy a special relationship with the Garou. This is, acording to legend, due to sharing a bloodline.
They are our half-brothers. In the beginning when God created Adam, he made for him wife out of the same clay he made Adam. Her name wis Lilith. She was the first feminist and unwilling to be subservient to Adam. She was banished from the Garden of Eden and Eve was made from Adam.
When she left Eden, she was pregnant, and gave birth alone in the wilderness, attended by the wild beasts, for they did not know if they were to be predator or prey. Four children were born, midwived by animals. A bear, a wolf, a tiger, a serpent were all in attendance. All but the serpent recieved a child to care for, whose foster-child was a stillborn.
When the one raised by the wolf, known as Ennoia, was full grown, she tok a mate from among the pack, and bore him children. These children were the first of the lycantropes, lupines, garou, werewolves, or any other name you wish to call them.
A long while later, Ennoia grew dissatisfied with her life, and left to travel the world alone. Eventualy she arrived at the city of Enoch, a city set up by Adam and Eve's Descendants. Growing tired of staying in the city, she left the city, but not before marrying and having children, the descendants of the Gypsies.
Finally, after many long years of wandering, one of Caine's conviced her to return to Enoch. Even he could not satisfy her appetites, but that mattered little. It was not long before he embraced her, making her Kindred.
From her are all gangrel descended. From her we learn the toungs of animals, and how to change our shape. From here we get our license to wander the world. Even if our Lupine and Gypsie half-brothers forget, we must remember that we share a common mother.
-Gangrel in History-
In general, the Gangrel do not keep written record of thier history much of what can be said about thier history is apocryphal. Many of the "historical" vampires of human knowledge have been of our blood. But human history is full of teh facies of the historians, and may just be wishful thinking.
Our main source for learning about our past is oral tradition. True, any story good enough to be remembered and passed from century to century will have been embroidered, there is always a bit of truth to be found in it. Also, human writings, usually first-person, tell of what may be Gangrel. And finally, other clans keep records of us, well what they feel important any way.
We are almost certain taht the Vikings were aware of the Gangrel around 400 B.C., there is a folktale that describes a battle between Grettir, a Scandinavian hero, and a vampire who is clearly a Gangrel.
Our anscestors were also greatly involved in the sack of Rome. Many ancient civilizations were aware of Kindred walking among them, and Romans were no exception.
-The Middle Ages-
Crusaders from France and Britain found more than just the Spanish Moors when they arrived in spain, they foud a new sickness(syphilis). The victims wasted away the blood drawn from the body as marrow by moon. This was teh predation of the Gangrel sons of Al-Gamiz who arrived in the Spanish shores slightly before the Moors.
-The Renaissance-
It was during this time that new areas of the world were discovered, and the bloodlines of the Kindred expanded with "civilization", and everywhere they found spinoffs of the Gangrel Clan. We not only inherited our mothers control of her form, but her wanderlust as well.
This is the root of one of our most effetive strategies, bieng the scouts for both humans and Kindred. Demanding blod as payment from mortals after bieng accepted was not uncommon, but changed after the Inquisition.
-Age of Reason-
As the Europeans expanded across the world, we Gangrel found ourselves on both sides of the conflicts; walking with the conquistadores and bieng welcomed by the natives.
With them, the pioneers brought many inhospitable ways. They cut down our trees were we loved to run, killed the animals and natives, our friends, and made us lazy on their tame and tasteless blood.
-20th Century-
It is rumored that the concentration camp near Glödker was destroyed when the Nazis included a Gangrel among the Gypsies incarcerated. That night, with the typical Gangrel regard for the Masquerade, Talos, a 7th generation embraced fully half the tribe of the Szdano Romany with whom he had been captured.
Needless to say, the hastily-drafted Neonates fed well, and the official sotry at Berlin was the camp was lost to a misplaced Allied bombing.
Later, when the ecological movement arose in the '60s, we were with it. It is shameful that someof us have taken advantage of the tree-hugers merely to state there hunger with their blood. Some have even created Ghouls to infiltrate teh eco-guerrilla and there found the Lupines(who apparently can smell a Ghoul).

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